Amazon October Bundle 1

Over $115 in free apps at Amazon today

There’re $115 worth of free apps on the Amazon Free App of the Day program today, so just go over there and grab them. Some of the

October 30, 2014 Android, Apps
CurrentC 1

CurrentC hack leaves Wallet and Apple Pay users gloating

I wrote a bit about the requested boycott of retailers that use CurrentC by Apple and Android fans who want the functionality and anonymity of

October 30, 2014 Android, Apple, Good and EVO

Malicious TOR exit nodes compromising security

If you’ve ever needed some anonymity online you’ve probably looked into using TOR (The Onion Router,) which is essentially an anonymizing proxy. Websites you visit

October 30, 2014 Good and EVO
Early Voting Google Now card 0

Easily find where to vote/early vote with Google

If you’ve got early voting in your county, today or tomorrow may be the last days you can vote early before the hellish nightmare of

October 29, 2014 Good and EVO, Pocketables
GPS_Satellite 7

So why is Google Opinion Rewards tracking us?

If you’ve used Google Opinion Rewards very much, it’s likely you’ve started feeling a little stalked. My first feeling of being stalked was when I

October 29, 2014 Android, Good and EVO

Sprint HTC One M8 4.4.4 ROMs start rolling out

Sprint started pushing the OTA to Android 4.4.4 and the Eye Experience a couple of days back, and many people have been anxiously awaiting developers

October 29, 2014 Android, Good and EVO
3.30.651.2 0

Sprint HTC One M8 3.30.651.2 firmware available for download

The Sprint HTC One M8 firmware is now available available for download over at TheMikMik for those who are interested. There’s a new HK adsp from the

October 28, 2014 Android, Good and EVO
TortoiseSVN repo browser 0

Using SVN to get ROM updates

Picture this scenario – a ROM developer releases a 1.5 gigabyte ROM, twenty minutes later there’s an error that’s found in the release and the ROM

October 28, 2014 Android, Good and EVO
HTC One M8 7

HTC One M8 Android 4.4.4/Eye Experience rolling out via Sprint OTA

According to one website, Sprint has started releasing the Android 4.4.4 / Eye Experience for the Harmon Kardon and standard HTC One M8 editions. As of this

Google Wallet 1

Apple and Android users join to boycott retailers

One of the things you generally don’t expect when you think die-hard Apple consumer or Android-centric fanboy is that they might join together to do anything other

October 27, 2014 Pocketables
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