I just preordered my Sony Vaio UX180P from Amazon! They don’t specify a shipping date yet, but I know a few people who preordered from Sony in mid-May who are receiving their new babies around July 5 (even though the release was originally set between July 19-22). That’s next week! It’s highly unlikely that I’ll get mine then, but I’m still overjoyed. Once it arrives, expect nonstop gushing.

In the meantime, I need to come up with a name for it. Hey, a number of people have named their Samsung Q1s (everything from Sammy to Binky), so why can’t I name my UX? Speaking of the Q1, you may remember from an earlier post that I was struggling over whether to buy it or the UX, even though they have more differences than similarities (a fairer comparison would be between the Q1 and the TabletKiosk eo, or between the UX and the OQO 01+). My indecision became so bad that I even made paper mock-ups of both to get a true feel for their dimensions and screen size (psychosis, anyone?).

The only feature on the Q1 I found attractive was the 7-inch screen. In every other department important to me (size, design, processor, extras, keyboard, wow factor), the UX was the hands-down winner. It was when I got hung up on the Q1’s screen that I started contemplating a full-sized notebook, which ultimately defeated the whole purpose of buying a UMPC.

Of course, in the end I chose the UX. This site is called pocketables for a reason, after all. Briefcasables or backpackables just doesn’t have the same ring.