Db_sonyreader_1Sony wants you to forget about the roses and chocolate next month and opt for a $500 Dooney & Bourke Limited Edition Portable Reader (PRS-500U2DB) instead. Sure, it’s $150 more expensive than the original e-book reader (PRS-500), but that’s because in addition to the standard accessories, it comes with a textured leather cover courtesy of D & B and $25 CONNECT eBookstore gift card. Everything is wrapped together nicely in a red gift box with both companies’ logos stamped in foil.

Other than that, it’s the same reader that nearly everyone who’s tried it has loved. In fact, PopSci recently gave it the Grand Award in the gadgets category of its "Best of What’s New 2006" article. Quite the honor given the amount of gadgets released last year.

The Limited Edition Portable Reader will be available until February 9. If the device supported more formats, you’d probably see me in line for one. But since it doesn’t, I’m going to have to start dropping Valentine’s Day hints for something else.

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