Can you believe that for almost an entire month, everyone thought the HTC Athena would cost $1,700? Okay, so maybe not many people actually put any faith into that figure, but I bet no one thought it would actually end up being less than half of that.

Yep! T-Mobile Germany has just announced that the Ameo (Athena’s European twin) will in fact only require you to part with a fairly reasonable 500 euros. That’s just $650. You know, of course, that the price can only be yours with a two-year contract, but since when is that a big deal? Everyone has already had plenty of time to process and accept stuff like this, so let’s move on.

Pricing in other countries is still unknown, but it’s really only a matter of time. While we wait, would anyone care to let us in on when whatever-this-will-be-called will wash up on U.S. shores?

[Reg Hardware]