Clearview Technology is gearing up to launch a new handtop running Windows CE 5.0. Currently bearing an in-house name of XL43, the device has a 620MHz AMD AU1250 processor, 128MB DDR2, Bluetooth and wi-fi, SD/MMC card slot, GPS, FM radio, and 1.3-megapixel camera. What it doesn’t have yet is a nice, catchy name. And company president Csaba Tomas wants you to play a hand in fixing that.


Just head over to HPC:Factor, register as a new user, and cast your vote in the "Name the Clearview XL43 UMPC" competition to . . . well, name the Clearview XL43. The voting just started a few days ago, as the current leaders (Aura and MyPad) each have just three votes, so I assume the polls will stay open for a while.

Aside from misusing the "UMPC" term, Clearview is really smart to be reaching out to its target community like this. I don’t know if the hardware has been finalized yet (the front looks like it’s missing buttons to me), but full specs, including details about supported third-party software, are due from Tomas soon.

Thanks for the tip, Chris!