Although there’s no official sign of a U.S. counterpart yet, Sony Japan has just added three new models to its Vaio UX Micro PC lineup.

The UX72 and UX92 series, scheduled for release in mid-October, sports the same hardware as all previous units but swaps the old Core Solo processor for a 64-bit Core 2 Solo CPU running at 1.06GHz (U2100) and 1.20GHz (U2200). As with other UXs available in Japan, the new group will be customizable through the "VAIO Owner Made" service with casing color, HDD capacity, and SSD options depending on configuration (keep track of all the models with my UX series chart).

The non-configurable U.S. version, already listed at Amazon and B&H as the UX490N/C, will reportedly feature the U2200 processor and a 48GB flash drive.

[Micro PC Talk]