UPDATE 6.10.08: Unfortunately, the information Kim received from Korea (Digifriends HQ) yesterday contained a critical typo. Digifriends does not have completed contracts with any carrier; the company has only contacted Sprint and NextWave and is working on contracts.  


Peter Kim, the project supervisor at Digifriends USA, recently informed me that the Digifriends MID (live photos) first shown at CES is on its way to the United States with "contracted sales through Sprint and NextWave" [see update above for correct information]. A firm release date hasn’t been set, but Kim says that the company’s products will be brought to the US "very soon."

A quick look at the Digifriends USA website reveals that the specs of and accessories for the 6.30" x 3.46" x 0.71" unit haven’t changed since January, but they look like they could use some updating (the CPU’s still being called Silverthorne). I’ve asked Kim for confirmation, as well as pricing and availability details, so I’ll report back when I hear more.
UPDATE: More details now available.