Ux_mia_sonystyleThough Sony still hasn’t commented on or even acknowledged the existence of the 8.9-inch VIA OpenBook bearing its name in the netbook’s properties at Computex and expected to begin shipping in Q3 of this year, the Vaio UX Micro PC—the company’s flagship mobile device since 2006—is now absent from Sony Style.

The UX has always been erroneously placed in the Vaio Notebooks category on the site, which currently showcases the 11.1-inch TZ and 13.3-inch SZ series as the ultra portable computers, but now it appears only as a refurbished outlet product (even the most recent model).

The 4.5-inch slider series received its last US update over seven months ago with the UX490N/C, so either a new UX is standing by or Sony’s jumped the shark and is replacing the series with a netbook. I sure hope it’s the former.

Thanks, Jose!