The iPhone 3G won’t be the only device being manhandled in Japan next Friday. The Atom-based Willcom D4, which is still on track to be my next UMPC, will begin shipping on July 11th as well. Sadly, included in the box with the Vista-running slider will be a standard battery that has an estimated runtime of . . . *wipes tears away* . . . 1.5 hours. Not exactly in keeping with those previously reported 5- to 6-hour estimates!

A high-capacity battery with a runtime of about 4.5 hours is available as an optional accessory, but it costs 14,800 yen (about $138), adds 0.4 inches to the thickness of the unit, and increases the D4’s weight by a quarter-pound.

Excuse me while I pick up the pieces of my broken heart.

Here’s a screenshot of the translated power specs listed near the bottom of the official product page.


[Engadget Japanese (translated)]