I’m heading to Reno for the weekend and if I see a BenQ-sponsored table on the casino floor, I’m putting some money down that a wider launch of the S6 MID, which has so far only been released in Italy, is imminent. Why? Because not only does the 3.5G-enabled Atom MID now have its very own set of product pages on the BenQ Global site, but it’s also the star of a new video "user guide" that was uploaded on YouTube just three days ago. Judging from its inclusion on the BenQ site, it’s safe to assume that the 2.5-minute demo is an official promo highlighting the MID’s "free-surf" user interface.

See the video, as well as a few press shots and the specs chart, below.





If the product pages and video don’t inspire enough confidence for you to bet that a beyond-Europe release is coming soon, take a look at the frequency bands listed in the network/connectivity area of the specs.

Thanks, Rav4Fun!