Digifriends_m3_nextwaveIt’s been a few months since we first heard that Korea-based Digifriends was courting NextWave Wireless to bring the modular MID shown at CES 2008 to the US. Whether flowers and moonlight serenades were involved in the courtship or not, the two companies formally announced several weeks ago that they had joined hands to develop the "sophisticated, WiMAX-enabled Mobile Internet Device" known as the M3.

Powered by NextWave’s NW2000, the same next-generation "no compromise" WiMAX chipset being used in the dmedia G400, the Intel Atom-based Digifriends M3 is said to have been "optimized to deliver outstanding performance of bandwidth-intensive mobile multimedia applications." How outstanding remains to be seen, of course, as the specs (below) haven’t been updated since January and the Poulsbo chipset has failed to live up to expectations.

But don’t worry. The specs were never really cast in stone, and the M3 MID isn’t due for launch until the second half of next year. So there’s still plenty of time for everything to change.

Original specs (subject to change):