If you thought the Sony Vaio P was taking over my life, you should see what it's doing to the Pocketables Forum. In just two weeks, discussion of the long and lean mini notebook has tripled forum traffic and produced some excellent tutorials as well.

First up is the joint work of Ishman and tnkgrl, whose collective efforts have produced a complete guide on installing XP on the Vaio P, including how to get WWAN and GPS working under the new operating system.

Pleased with the results yet still determined to unchain the shackles binding the WWAN radio to Verizon's network, the venerable tnkgrl then grabbed her soldering iron, hacked some software, and destroyed the EV-DO lock a few days later. Because of her ingenius work, we now have step-by-step instructions on how to workaround the missing SIM card slot and unlock HSDPA/EDGE so that the P accepts an AT&T or T-Mobile SIM card with an active data plan.

How to install XP on the Vaio P
How to enable HSDPA/EDGE on the Vaio P

Thanks, tnkgrl and Ishman!