UMID held a press conference yesterday to officially launch its Atom-based M1 mbook MID, which is now available to order in Korea. In conjunction with the release, the clamshell MID also got a dedicated website made up of a downloads area (manual, wallpaper, and firmware), an order page with lots of photos (see below), and a handful of accessories that doesn't include the oversized VGA adapter shown at CES.

Strangely, there's no mention on the official site about 3G connectivity. The USIM slot is visible in all the photos, but it's not highlighted the way everything else is and only WiFi and Bluetooth are listed in the specs. In addition, the 699,000 (~$465) and 799,00 KRW (~$532) prices are very inconsistent with 3G pricing details I've received privately. I'm not sure, then, exactly why and in what context HSDPA, WiMAX, and WiBro were mentioned at the launch event, as Korea doesn't seem to be getting those models. See AVING and for coverage of the press conference.

In any case, I should be getting an HSDPA-flavored UMID mbook for review soon.