Intel_z500 Word on the streets of Taiwan today is that Intel is readying the release of a new addition to its Z5xx family of low-power CPUs. Expected to usurp the title held by the 1.86GHz Z540 as the most powerful chip in the series next month, the 2.0GHz Z550 processor is said to share most of its dethroned sibling's features: 2.4W TDP power, 512KB L2 cache, and 533MHz FSB. In other words, more speed at (little to) no cost.

It isn't known yet where the new Z550 will be headed (netbooks, MIDs, or both?), but an energy-efficient boost in power is always welcome, especially since we in the US are often stuck with the 1.33GHz Z520.

[HKEPC via Lazion (trans)]