T-Mobile Germany will begin selling the entry-level Sony Vaio P (1.33GHz, 60GB HDD) for 599 euros including 19% VAT with a two-year web'n'walk Connect L data contract. The retail price of the P in Germany is 999 euros, so although the long-term cost is higher because of the recurring contract fee and the P is the most expensive of T-Mobile's subsidized PC selection (see screen capture below), the upfront savings of 400 euros is pretty significant.

First shipments are expected in April.


This isn't the first time a carrier has been involved with the Vaio P, as Verizon Wireless offers a $200 rebate to US users who sign up for or extend their VZW Mobile Broadband contracts, but it is the first time that the Atom-based mini notebook will be sold directly through a carrier. If Sony didn't cripple the Gobi WWAN chipset's functionality in the American models and make an HSDPA hack necessary, maybe T-Mobile USA would've been next in line.

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