Qisda_qpd_111 The BenQ Group's Qisda Creative Design Center has just won 2009 red dot and International Forum design awards for its QPD-111 Mobile Internet Device (two more photos below).

The MID has a 5-inch touchscreen with multi-touch technology, a G-sensor that lets users shake the unit to switch between functions, and a red "Hot Key" for quick access to the internet.

Participation in the iF product competition requires that entrants are "manufacturers or designers of mass-produced products which have been on the market for three years or less or which are scheduled to go into mass production during the year of competition," which seems to suggest that the actual products submitted for consideration could just be concept devices. Qisda is an ODM, so the QPD-111 MID doesn't have to be headed to the assembly line for the company to meet the contest's eligibility criteria.

Regardless of whether it will ever be released, the MID will be on display at the red dot design museum in Germany evidently until June 2010.



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Thanks, Mun!