Umid_justek_ls Justek emailed to let me know that they've just updated their import pricing on the lower spec'd HSDPA-less UMID M1 mbook MID. UMID sells this model (1.33GHz Atom, 512MB RAM, Linux, 16GB SSD) for 759,000 KRW (~$564 USD) in Korea, so Australia-based Justek's new $930 AUD (~$658 USD) asking price isn't too bad. For an additional $155 AUD (~$110 USD), the company will ship the white clamshell MID with Windows XP Home SP3 installed.

US consumers may not be too thrilled with the idea of paying $750+ for an XP-based MID that doesn't come with integrated 3.5G, but if you have your own copy of XP and can obtain the drivers (which should eventually be made available for download on UMID and possibly Justek's site), $658 is fairly reasonable for what the M1 mbook has to offer in its compact body.

The MID is expected to be in stock at Justek next week.