Mintpass_mintpad2 Though Korea-based mintpass is a bit behind schedule with preparing its tiny mintpad multimedia network device for release in the US (the English website recently went live, but the English firmware is still awaiting finishing touches), the company is already forging ahead with plans for its successor.

Other than the fact that it's expected later this year, though, nothing about the tentatively named mintpad 2.0 has been finalized. Details that are up for consideration, according to a chat ZDNet Korea had with mintpass' CFO, are integrated GPS and WiBro, a metal body, and a touchscreen display that won't exceed 7 inches. The current mintpad sports a display of only 2.8 inches, so there's certainly a wide range of sizes to choose from.

My contact at mintpass confirmed that these specs are just some of the ideas being tossed around right now and that nothing has been set in stone. So since the company is still brainstorming, I'd like to throw in a request for more internal storage, Bluetooth, and maybe a higher-resolution camera. What about you?

More details about the original mintpass mintpad in the product database.