If the original $649 MSRP has been stopping you from picking up a 4.8-inch ClarionMiND (800MHz Intel Atom processor, 4GB SSD, microSD, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth), then you might want to start looking for a good place in your car to mount the 11.4-ounce MID. Why? Because the red and white units are now available at Amazon for just $343 and $361, hundreds of dollars off the MSRP.


Amazon has always claimed the list price of the ClarionMiND to be $699 for some reason (hence the higher savings shown in the screenshot), but there's no denying that these are great deals, especially considering that the devices were on sale for $530 back in March.

The reduced price isn't being advertised on the product page, so you need to add the ClarionMiND to your shopping cart to see it. You should probably do so quickly, too, because prices are fluctuating. Just last night, for example, all three colors were $349; today, the black unit is $449.

[ClarionMiND at Amazon]