If you've recently taken delivery of a brand new Viliv S5 Premium MID, do yourself a favor and perform a thorough virus scan. Why? Because some users have reported receiving their Atom-powered MIDs, still sealed and fresh from the factory, with the hard drive image infected with several dangerous viruses (e.g., kinza.exe, win32.QQrob-32, ActMon-Pro). Exactly how this happened is still up for debate, but the consensus seems to be that the infected image is inadvertently being installed at the factory.

There are obviously perfectly clean images floating around as well, which is why most of the devices are being delivered from various outlets in tip-top shape, so don't let the virus possibility scare you from purchasing one of the most highly rated MIDs on the market right now. Just install some of the free utilities users are suggesting in this thread and rest assured that your S5 will be scrubbed clean.

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Update 6.3.09: Viliv unofficially addresses the issue.