Despite the somewhat disappointing press event Archos held in Paris today, don't give up on that voice-enabled Android Internet Media Tablet (IMT) first revealed in early February. Although the new device wasn't actually shown today, ArchosFans notes that Archos' CEO kicked off his keynote by talking briefly about the upcoming line of Android IMT products, which are evidently slated for launch "on or before September 15th at another event."

Since this fits in nicely with early information citing a Q3 launch, it may not be a bad idea to assume that the previously released specs could be spot-on as well. If that's the case, then come September, we can expect to see a 0.39-inch thin slate-style device with a 5-inch touchscreen, up to 500GB of internal storage, 7-hour video battery life, HD video support, integrated 3.5G connectivity, and web browser with Flash support. Oh, and don't forget about the "laptop-like performance from the first implementation of [the] OMAP3440 processor based on the ARM Cortex superscalar microprocessor and DSP" promised in the original press release.