Since it's unlikely that we'll be able to get our hands on a Moorestown-based MID/mediaphone any time soon, let's turn our attention back to the current Intel Menlow platform and take a peek at Compal's next-gen design codenamed KAX15. Unveiled at Computex this week as the "world's smallest Windows-based MID," the device features my absolute favorite slide-and-tilt form factor and could very likely make it to market under a different brand (the Compal JAX10, for example, is sold as the Aigo P8860, Gigabyte M528, SFR M! PC Pocket, and Itelco IDOL).



The listed specs, as you can see in the video screenshot above, are too blurry to make out and could be modified when rebranded anyway, but jkkmobile mentions an 800 x 480 screen (4.8 inches, I think) and an 800MHz processor upscaling to 1.2GHz.


I don't care for the wide unused spaces on either side of the keyboard or the thick red bezel, but I certainly can't find any fault with the slide-and-tilt design. It's interesting that the unit is being shown as a Menlow, not Moorestown, device; maybe that means we'll see it bearing a different name in the next few months. An alternate design option for Aigo's rumored XP MID phone, perhaps?

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