Android_mintpad2This isn't the first time we've heard about possible specs for the mintpass mintpad 2.0, upcoming successor to the original WinCE-based mintpad multimedia networking device, but things are starting to get a lot more interesting. While previous considerations included a metal body, larger screen, and built-in WiBro and GPS, the latest item added to the drawing board is Google's Android operating system.

Upon hearing this little rumor recently, I reached out to the account executive at mintpass to find out how likely it was that the open-source OS would actually be featured on the new device. His response? "Such things are being discussed for the second generation mintpad, but nothing is set for sure. I can tell you that the next generation mintpad will be quite high in specification, though."

Unfortunately, with the first-gen mintpad still struggling to make it to US shores (not counting the limited supply that was made available last month and has landed in the hands of more than just my own), it will probably be quite some time before we find out just how high to set our expectations.