Clarionmind_nissan_cubeThough all of the price cuts on the ClarionMiND may have suggested that the Atom-based mobile internet navigation device was on its way toward becoming a distant memory, it's actually doing quite well for itself.

Clarion just announced yesterday that the 6.7" x 3.8" x 1.1" unit has been chosen by Nissan North America to be test-marketed in Los Angeles, California, as a dealer accessory for all 2009 Nissan cube models beginning this month. When selected by buyers, the ClarionMiND will come with a "dedicated docking kit harmonized to the vehicle's instrument panel" and cost an alarming $799 plus an installation fee of who knows how much.

Considering that the device sells for hundreds less on Amazon (the white model, for example, is currently listed at a mere $319.43) and already comes with a car mount (albeit one that is probably not "harmonized" to the car), the Nissan cube isn't the only thing trying to take customers for a ride.