The mintpass mintpad still isn't officially available outside of Korea, but that isn't stopping the company from treating those of us who are about a month into our ownership/use of the tiny WiFi-enabled memo/multimedia device to our very first update of the English firmware.

Available through the Pocketables Forum since late last week, the 58.3MB HEX file (compressed and contained in a 36.6MB zip) can now be downloaded directly from the mintpass website. New and improved features include memo categories, a full-color palette for memos/drawings, revised memo saving options, the ability to add memos to photos, quick playlist and music search functions, refined music and video UIs, and scrolling enhancements.

Though it would've been nice to see better third-party Windows CE app support in the release notes, the focus on strengthening the memo abilities is understandable. Mintpass has always maintained that the advanced memo engine underlying the functionality is one of the unit's main highlights, even going so far as to proclaim the mintpad as the "best memo device in the world," so it makes sense that they'd put a lot of effort there.