Viliv_s7_presaleWhen Viliv added the S7 convertible UMPC to its website a few weeks ago, complete with prices and specs of the three upcoming models (I-LOG HX, I-LOG 3X, D-LOG 3X; see comparison chart below for details), it was clear that a release date was imminent.

Not surprisingly, then, especially in light of the company's previous launches, the Viliv S7 will be the star of a presale event that includes a limited number of devices and freebies like a leather pouch and some coupons for other accessories.

From July 29th to the 31st, a total of 1,000 units will be available for purchase through a number of Korean online retailers (e.g., CJMall, GSeShop,, with shipments expected in early August. Then beginning on August 1st, 700 WiBro-equipped S7s will go on sale exclusively at brick-and-mortar stores for a small device discount of ~$40 and a one-year contract with KT WiBro.


Global availability can't be too far off now!

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