Remember the Eston MID-01 that got stolen at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair back in April? It's okay if you don't, as it was nothing to write home about and it looked exactly like the company's upgraded model you see here.

The new MID-02, which also seems to be answering to the name M4301, retains most of the specs of its predecessor, including the 624MHz Intel XScale PXA300, 4.3-inch 16K-color touchscreen, and Windows CE 6.0, but ups the ante by adding Android as a second OS and supposedly increasing the original 480 x 272 screen resolution to a more respectable 800 x 480. I say "supposedly" on the second point because although the higher resolution is listed on the actual product page, some of the images and other information don't seem to back it up.


It's a shame to see that the hideously thick bezel is still there too, but at least that generous 5-row keyboard didn't go anywhere either. That the keyboard is almost entirely in English (only the Menu key on the left has Chinese characters on it), the UI is partially translated, and one of Eston's main export markets is Europe should be noted here, as it may be possible for anyone interested in the unit to actually get one.