It's been a few days since that original batch of mystery Android MID photos were first sent to me and though no one has come forward with a positive ID or more information, the device hasn't disappeared from my tipster's radar. In fact, judging from the new set of images that just landed in my inbox, I'd say that this is far from the last we'll see of the all-touchscreen unit.


Posing on top of a Japanese Sony Vaio P model, presumably to show off its svelte frame, the unknown Android MID sports an undeniably familiar design with its curved metal back and rounded corners. However, if the first photo is to be believed, this device differentiates itself by having an SD slot and what could be phone functions. I know the photo is grainy and the face of the gadget shows no sign of a microphone or speaker, but you can still make out the words "SD card & phone storage" at the top of the screen.

Based on the images and my own Vaio P, the device probably measures about 4.5 inches long and maybe about 3 inches wide. It's also clearly meant to be used in landscape mode, with what I assume to be a charging or docking port on the left.


Aside from what looks like two additional hardware buttons at the top of the device (in the photo above, you can tell from the bezel that the unit is upside down), the rest of the MID's sides look to be completely bare.


Of course, this is nothing more than speculation at this point. But until someone in-the-know coughs up more info, that's the best we've got.

By the way, the source of the photos is still unknown, but they're all coming from the same place. In the first photo of the original batch, you can see the half-closed white Vaio P in the background. And in the first photo of this new batch, you can see the checkered tabletop from the last batch in the background.

Thanks, anonymous tipster!

UPDATE: Even more photos of unknown Android MID appear