Before one more site identifies the unknown Android MID as the SMiT MID-560, which it obviously isn't, I'd like to officially announce that the touchscreen device is indeed just a concept created by Chinese chip maker Rockchip to show off its new RK2808 720p-decoding chipset. This is exactly what Pocketables reader sere83 suggested two weeks ago (see this comment), when my tipster sent in the first set of images that started this wild goose chase, and today PConline has confirmed it with some new photos and two videos of the 5-inch slate in action.


In the videos below, you'll see demos of the UI, on-screen keyboard, web browsing, scrolling, and multiple window interface. Even in its engineering concept form, the unnamed unit looks quite nice and performs rather well.

Whether anyone will ever release this particular device in its current form is unknown, but I'm sure it won't be long before more Rockchip-powered Android MIDs begin to appear in tech headlines.