There isn't much to go by here, but a set of photos appeared in some unnamed forum the other day showing what is believed to be a new slate-style Android MID that is estimated to have a touchscreen measuring somewhere between 4.3 to 5 inches and said to feature applications like MSN Messenger and GTalk, WiFi, and possibly 3G connectivity.


The MID is rumored to be powered by a Rockchip CPU (the upcoming RK2808 perhaps?) and expected to perform better than the iPod touch, which I guess it's trying to compete against. Other than that and whatever else can be deduced from the photos, nothing else is known about the device.


The anonymous tipster who sent the pics and info to me via email says the unit is currently making its rounds on a handful of Chinese tech sites, none of which link to or name the forum they all mention as the source, so I can't direct you to anything more concrete either.

Anyone know where the images come from or what this device is?

Update: More photos of unknown Android MID surface