That's a photo of the original UMID M1 you see there on the right, but the new M2 prototype that is literally being shown right now at a pre-IDF Intel event is pretty much cosmetically identical to it apart from the inclusion of an optical mouse and mouse buttons, a better screen angle, and standard ports (no more dongles!). Update #1: Photo and video screen captures below.

The even better news about the UMID M2 is what's happening inside the casing: up to a 1.6GHz Atom processor, 1GB RAM, and Windows 7. Pretty much everything we all wanted, right? Perhaps even better is that the device is due in the US later this year (everything from late October to late December was mentioned at some point, but I think we're looking at November). Update #2: Unfortunately, I have been told by UMID that the previously reported $499 price actually refers to a much lower spec'd model with 1.2GHz Atom CPU, 512MB RAM, Windows XP, 8GB SSD, and no webcam. The price for the high-end version has not been set yet, but it is "absolutely not" $499.

Keep an eye on MID Moves for videos, photos, and hands-on impressions of the M2, as I believe Steve is being allowed to take the device back to his hotel for a sleepover tonight.


More photos here.

And now for some blurry still frames from Steve's video demo:

M2 2

M2 1

M2 4

M2 3

M2 5