Right on schedule, the rebranded DigiCube Z8 MID phone also known as the EKING S515 is being released this month to anyone clamoring for a 1.2GHz Atom-powered handheld computer with a 16GB SSD, 1GB RAM, and 5-inch WVGA touchscreen in China.

Though said to be compatible with three of the country's 3G networks when it was announced last month, only the China Telecom-flavored device is currently up for grabs at Amazon China. The good news for those who have already taken advantage of the retailer's discounted price of 4569 yuan (~$669) is that their Willcom D4 look-alikes should be arriving very soon. According to the product page, the S515 should begin shipping tomorrow.

Additional photos below.


Eking_s515_amazon (2)


Eking_s515_amazon (3)

Eking_s515_amazon (4)

Interesting way to market a pocket-sized computer in that last photo, don't you think?

Thanks, 7LayRdip!