Over the past few months, we've come to know quite a bit about the ITG xpPhone. Most recently we watched as incoming phone calls awoke the XP-running device from standby, and before that we saw the unit's communications interface, learned of its configuration options, and even checked out the preorder form that let us choose a 3G module that would work on AT&T, Orange, or Vodafone. We also found out that AMD executives have already had a hands-on and that the company's Global VP of Embedded Sales recommended that his colleagues use the xpPhone instead of an iPhone or BlackBerry.

Today comes news directly from ITG's export sales manager that another bit of info is now ready for its big reveal: price. The exact details will be fleshed out on the xpPhone website soon, but what has been disclosed in an email so far is that the MID phone slider will start at 2999 RMB (~$439) and top out at 4500 RMB (~$659). Not bad for what you're getting. Not bad at all.




I'm working on getting a review unit as soon as it becomes available, so stay tuned if you're interested in this one.