We have just received word that the long-awaited Pandora open source handheld UMPC/console has started shipping to the lucky users who pre-ordered one of the initial batch of 4,000. Excited owners have started to jump on the GP32X forums with unboxing photos and first impressions.

In development for what seems like an eternity but with recent signs of finally reaching the finish line, today marks a momentous occasion for the OpenPandora community and their achievement in completing the device. The unique ARM Cortex A8-powered unit is described as a full-featured pocket computer and games console by its developers. With a 4.3-inch WVGA resistive touch screen, the Pandora runs a full Linux desktop, browses the internet using Firefox, acts as a PMP, and of course is capable of playing a variety of games including those for Dreamcast, PlayStation, and Super NES emulators. I believe there are a few readers who have ordered the Pandora and been patiently waiting. We would love to hear whether you have also received your units and your first impressions.