Since Sprint, Best Buy, Radio Shack, and Walmart all want you to buy the HTC EVO 4G with a new two-year contract, they're doing their best to not advertise other purchasing options. Radio Shack has "$499.99 unactivated" printed in small black type beneath a huge $199.99 in bold blue letters on one of its ads, but the other three suggest that "on contract" is really the only way for you to size up the EVO in person.

Thankfully, HTC is being upfront about all your choices (what do they care about whether you pay for service, anyway?) at its official US online store: $199.99 after an instant rebate with a new service plan, $299.99 with an existing contract extension, and $549.99 with nothing but the phone (so you can use the EVO as a WiFi-only MID, of course!). All three come with free standard shipping via FedEx or UPS.

The downside is that you won't be getting your EVO on launch day with any of these options, as HTC specifically indicates that preordered handsets will be shipped on June 4th, but at least you won't have to leave the house or stand in line. And having unboxed my own HTC EVO 4G four days ago, I can tell you for a fact that it will be well worth the wait!