Eight months after it was first unveiled to the world, the RAmos W7 Android MID is finally officially available in China for only 999 yuan (~$146), nearly four times less than it's been selling for on eBay.

Pocketables has been following the W7 since it was still an unbranded mystery device, but here's a rundown of its main specs in case you missed them the first 500 times. The device currently runs good old Android 1.5 (upgrades are possible though not guaranteed) and has a 4.8-inch WVGA capacitive touchscreen, one of those HD-decoding Rockchip RK2808 processors clocked at 600MHz, all kinds of video/audio format support (including MKV), WiFi, 128MB of RAM, and 8GB of internal storage.


Built-in 3G and support for Adobe Flash (Lite, I assume) were both mentioned eight months ago, but since RAmos only has a W7 teaser image up that doesn't go anywhere right now and ZOL doesn't mention it, neither is confirmed to be included. Considering the low price, though, I'd say no on both accounts but who knows.

A few months ago, there was also some talk of the device having legitimate access to Android Market and all the Google apps, but it seems highly unlikely. ZOL does specifically mention Gmail, Maps, and Gtalk, but I still need to see it in action to believe it.




A member of the mumumusic forums has already posted some very nice photos of the W7 and is sharing hands-on impressions in installments. So far, the device is shaping up to be quite good for the price. It's certainly more compelling than the eviGroup Wallet MID and a lot of the other Android MIDs from China we've seen. I may have to look into getting one.

Thanks, ChowFun!