Magenta-androidBad news, T-Mobile users.

Despite the existence of those AWS-friendly Dell Streak engineering samples, the device will not be launching with support for T-Mobile's 3G bands (1700MHz/2100MHz). In fact, according to the latest entry on Direct2Dell, the company does "not have plans for supporting T-Mobile's 3G network [and the] Streak will not be certified for T-Mobile operation overall."

Other tidbits in the article are just re-confirmations of what we already knew: shipping with Android 1.6, OTA update to 2.2 (interestingly, the roll-out date is now "later this year"; it used to be "later this summer"), carbon black available at launch, accessories part of the pre-sale, and so on.

T-Mobile 3G support was one of the biggest unknowns and while the news is disappointing for magenta subscribers, it at least puts an end to all the speculation and wishful thinking so that people can move on.

The Dell Streak development team put out a video (below) to answer the most commonly asked questions as well, so you can hear for yourself that 3G T-Mo is a no go. You can also see the Streak running Eclair in the video, which I think is rather cruel since buyers will only get Donut, not to mention strange since the device will skip Eclair and go straight to Froyo.

So who is officially jumping off the Streak bandwagon now that T-Mobile 3G won't be supported?

Thanks, DLS!