The Sharp IS01 may be the first Snapdragon-powered Android clamshell MID with a 5-inch screen (how's that for specific?), but until I get my hands on one (possibly next month), I'm quite satisfied with pairing my Dell Streak with my Logitech diNovo Mini keyboard.

The two devices look great together, as you can see above, but they work well together too. The keyboard works, of course, but so does the touchpad, volume keys, and mouse/OK button (long press for right-click function). There are some caveats, which I describe over at Streak Smart, but in general I'd say there's more good than bad here. I've got a video (taken with the iPhone 4) over on the other site as well.

Oh, and in case you missed it, the Streak will be available for purchase next week. You can sign up for the pre-sale now.

[Streak Smart]