Evo-auto-text (1)

Although most callers have no problem leaving a message when you don't pick up your HTC EVO 4G (or you're sending their calls straight to voicemail), there are some who will just keeping calling. This is fine if the ringer is in silent mode, but a series of buzzing vibrations or actual ringtones won't be well received in a meeting, movie theater, doctor's office, or anywhere else you either can't or don't want to talk on the phone.

Fortunately, the EVO's built-in automated text message feature in the stock Phone app can help. It lets you quickly send a prewritten SMS to anyone calling from a cell phone or landline that acknowledges the call and lets him/her know whatever's going on. You can edit the message before sending it for more personalization if necessary.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Open the stock Phone app on your EVO.
  2. Press the Menu button and tap Phone Settings to edit the default message and choose whether you want to be able to edit the message before it's sent.
  3. When you receive a call and want to send this message via SMS to the caller, press the Menu button from the incoming call screen and tap "Send message." The caller will be sent to voicemail and will receive the SMS almost immediately. Landline callers will receive a call back and have your text message read to them over the phone; this is possible because of Sprint's Text 2 Landline service.
  4. If you opted to edit the message first, the messaging app will open with the caller's phone number and your default message already filled in. Edit as necessary and hit the send button.

Thanks, PHADE!