Dell-android-updates Although some of us are already enjoying vanilla Froyo on our Dell Streaks, anyone holding out for an official update from Dell shouldn't have to wait much longer to get it.

The company reconfirmed its commitment to push out Froyo to all Streak customers by the end of 2010. No specific date has been given (I've heard November mentioned in the past), but it will be "much sooner" than December 31st, the last day of the year.

In related news, Dell will not be rolling out any more Eclair updates, so if your Streak didn't already get it via an OTA update, then you'll continue to live with Donut for a while longer. The official upgrade path for US customers has always been Donut -> Froyo, so the fact that Eclair will not be served to us is merely confirmation of information we've all known since May.

So hang tight, folks. Froyo will be here soon. The unofficial 2.2 beta build I'm running on my Streak will probably be updated several times before the official Dell-skinned build is released, though, so you may hear about that a few more times first.

[Dell] Thanks, anonymous!