Although Dell chose to keep it buried for some reason, the Streak does in fact have a built-in FM radio. Any Streak can access it through a variety of methods (you may have even scrolled past the radio option while enabling sideloading on the AT&T-locked device a few months ago), but if you've got one running Android 2.1 and you've rooted it (it's incredibly simple, remember?), then you can use MoDaCo forum member XsCode's new Streak Radio app.

It's very barebones at the moment, with a simple user interface that includes nothing more than on/off buttons and up/down arrows to change the frequencies, but it's much easier than having to do anything with a terminal emulator. You'll need to plug in a pair of headphones for the Streak to use as an antenna (standard fare with FM radios on phones, MP3 players, and the like) and reception varies greatly by location, but it definitely works.

Radio apps usually don't have too many bells and whistles, though auto-scan, custom presets, recording, and a notification icon would be welcome additions to Streak Radio. A polished GUI and an app icon would be great too, but let's be appreciative of the work in its current state since we had to turn to the community to do something that Dell should have done in the first place.

Get the app for your rooted 2.1-running Streak from the link below.

[Android @ MoDaCo] Thanks, anonymous!