Amazon is now accepting preorders for T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy Tab for a contract-free price of $699.99.

The Tab can access the carrier's 3G network through pre- and postpaid Pay As You Go plans. Prepaid plans start at $10 for 100MB of data used within 7 days and are also available for $30 (300MB, 30 days) and $50 (1GB, 30 days). Monthly postpaid plans include WiFi Hotspot access and cost $25 for 200MB (10¢ per MB overage charge) and $50 for 5GB (no overage).

Considering that most smartphones can be used as mobile hotspots, many people use a MiFi/Overdrive-type device, and the WiFi-only version of the Tab costs $499, I don't think Amazon has to worry about running out of these Tabs on November 9th.