The HTC EVO 4G may not be making any headlines at CES 2011, but it's still being seen at the show every day thanks to a large banner hanging outside one of the Las Vegas Convention Center entrances. On it are four 4G phones manufactured by HTC, one per each major US carrier. There's the G2 and Inspire 4G shown for T-Mobile and AT&T (yes, I know HSPA+ isn't really 4G), the newly unveiled ThunderBolt for Verizon, and—you guessed it—the EVO 4G for Sprint.

Even though the EVO Shift 4G is much newer (it was just announced a few days ago!), HTC/Sprint still chose our beloved EVO 4G for the banner. It is the best one, after all.

Close-up shot below.


I don't know why it's so exciting to see a picture of a phone we already own. It must be true gadget love.