While enjoying the last day of 2010 with your friends and family, you may have noticed that a select group of HTC EVO 4Gs were throwing their own celebration.

If your EVO didn't accept the latest OTA update (version 3.70.651.1) that Sprint began pushing out in mid-December or it didn't come from the factory with a new version of HBOOT (2.02 and 2.10), then it wasn't invited to the party. Only those with 3.70.651.1 or the new HBOOT version could get in because what they wanted was what all the other EVOs already had: root using unrevoked, the ever popular one-click root solution.

On the day before 2011 began, unrevoked 3.3 was released with support for the aforementioned EVOs that were previously unable to use version 3.2. A few days later, version 3.31 appeared with small bug fixes. Unrevoked 3.3 wasn't the first way to root the new software, but it was what many were waiting for because of its simplicity and speed.

The unrevoked root bash is still going on, so if your EVO is running the most recent OTA update and/or it's got one of the new versions of HBOOT, then you've got an open invitation to visit the link below.

[unrevoked] Thanks, FifthE1ement, Joshua, & kiki007!