Thunderbolt (500x409)

Many have speculated that Amazon would bring Amazon Unbox Videos to Android. And today I discovered that the portable device version of Amazon Instant Videos actually play on my HTC Thunderbolt.

First, I downloaded the Amazon Instant Video of episode 2 of Glee that I purchased last year using Amazon Unbox Video. Second, I connected my HTC Thunderbolt, set it to Media sync, watched the appropriate drivers install, and then transferred the portable version of the episode (a full version for PC playback is also downloaded) to the phone. Third, I went to the Videos app, found the episode, and clicked play . . . and it did. Playback was smooth and of good quality.

Notably, Amazon no longer lists which portable devices are compatible with Amazon Unbox. It looks like they've been holding out on us.

Offline playback of Amazon videos on Android devices is huge. Look out Apple and Google . . . here comes Amazon.