Bonus-minutes There's currently a promotion going on at Sprint, Wirefly, and some other retailers that gives customers who sign up for an Everything Data 450 plan an extra 300 Anytime Minutes per month for free. That's 750 minutes, unlimited data, and unlimited messaging for $69.99.

Pretty sweet deal for chatty people looking for a new plan, sure, but what about all of the existing HTC EVO users who are already paying for Everything Data 450 and only getting 450 minutes?

It turns out they can get the bonus talk time too. And so can you. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Call Sprint.
  2. Ask for it.

Sprint will add the minutes to your monthly allotment without a fight or a contract extension.

Carriers have been doing stuff like this for years—I used to do it on VoiceStream (before it was T-Mobile)—so Sprint isn't being unusually generous here. Not everyone pays attention to new customer offers or think they're entitled to the goods too, though, so while this may be old news to some, it's sure to be useful to others. Either way, if you're on the Everything Data 450 plan, you've got a bunch of free minutes waiting for you to take home.

Thanks, Big-eL!