Have the app icons on your HTC EVO 3D suddenly disappeared? Whether they've been replaced by generic Android icons or are just nowhere to be found on your home screen, you obviously want them back.

If the problem began after you started moving apps to the phone's SD card, then G&E reader Diego may have a fix for you.

1. Download and install Fast Reboot (free) from the Market.


Fast Reboot reboots apps and processes, not the phone itself.

2. Unmount the EVO 3D's SD card by tapping Menu > Settings > SD & phone storage > Unmount SD card > OK.

3. Remount the card by tapping Mount SD card.

4. Press the Home button on the EVO 3D, the applications icon (left icon in the dock) to view all apps, and then Fast Reboot. A window will briefly appear to tell you how much memory was freed and which apps/processes were closed and restarted. HTC Sense will then reload and the app icons should be there.


HTC is aware of this issue and is reportedly working on a proper fix.

Thanks, Diego!