Amazon-tablet-in-hand Amazon's recent foray into the world of Android with their App Store has prompted numerous rumors about the internet retail giant producing their own tablet. Most of these rumors have been centered around a 10-inch device, but a source told DigiTimes that Amazon actually has a 7-inch device in the works. Not only that, the source says they are preparing to release it in October.

Amazon has so far had great success with their Kindle e-reader, which is currently the best selling device on Amazon. Speculation is that Amazon will add the tablet to their Kindle brand, and will tie it in their Kindle Store, Video on Demand, and Cloud Player. This kind of integration could make the device very appealing for heavy Amazon or Kindle users, especially those who subscribe to Amazon Prime.

We do not yet have any information on this tablet's specifications, but Amazon will probably offer a high-end device. This means at least a dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Obviously, the device would have a 7-inch display, but resolution has yet to be determined.

An Amazon Honeycomb tablet could turn out to be a great device, because it offers one thing Android has been lacking: integration. If they do it right, Amazon's integration of music, book, video, and even app store services could make their tablet a prominent iPad competitor. However, if they do it wrong, it could simply add clutter, confusion, and fragmentation to the market of Android tablets. Do you think an Amazon-branded tablet is a good idea?