Nexus-prime-logo I'm not really sure Samsung thought this one through all the way. Earlier today, they sent a cease and desist to someone who was rumored to have firmware files from the Google Nexus Prime. This would have been all well and good, except for the fact Samsung accidentally confirmed the existence of the Nexus Prime and the rumors that they would be making the device.

In case you need a reminder, the Nexus Prime was rumored to be the next in the Google Nexus line. It's main features were a dual-core processor, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and a 720p (1280 x 720) Super AMOLED display. Because Samsung is the only company who makes Super AMOLED displays, and they manufacture the current Nexus device, many people speculated that Samsung would be making the device.

Now it is clear that they are at least working on it, but we still don't know when it will be announced or released. Rumors have the release set sometime in October. I hope they turn out to be true, because I can't wait to see both the Nexus Prime's hardware and Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

If you want to read the slightly amusing letter, you can find it after the break.