Just a short while ago, we looked at what was rumored to be the Samsung Galaxy S II variant destined for AT&T. Unfortunately, that turned out to be a different Samsung device, which although interesting was a bit disappointing. Today, we have more leaked pictures of a US Galaxy S II, but this time the device has both T-Mobile and Galaxy S II branding.

As you can see in the photo above, the device has been modified slightly in order to make it unique to T-Mobile. The most apparent of these modifications is the cosmetic changes, like the slightly curved and textured back cover and lack of physical buttons on the front. It appears T-Mobile wanted this device to be as smooth as possible, and I must say that I like what they have done better than the standard Galaxy S II.

More surprisingly, T-Mobile has also changed the hardware on the device. According to the source that leaked the images, the device's display has been bumped up from 4.3-inch size to the huge 4.5-inch Galaxy Indulge size. Most users will consider this an upgrade, but for some this may make the phone too large.

This phone's model number (SGH-T989 in case you were wondering) has been in T-Mobile's roadmap since May, but it is only now that we have evidence to link the model number with a Galaxy S II device. If the devices do turn out to be one and the same, it means that the Galaxy S II will launch on T-Mobile on September 26th, at least according to the previously mentioned roadmap. 

As usual, this is only a rumor. Still, between the shot of the model number and the clear brandings of both T-Mobile and Galaxy S II on the back cover, this rumor seems more credible than most. I certainly hope it turns out to be true, because I have been eagerly awaiting the T-Mobile Galaxy S II. 

For those of you who are as excited as I am, you can see a shot of the front of the device as well as the model number below the break.